My 1st Japanese Contest *^^*
I'm pretty excited! But a bit anxious!
Inshallah 1st of all I'm gonna introduce myself in Japanese. Then recite the Haiku 2 times in Japanese. And the English and Arabic translation of the Haiku. After that, to say the English and Arabic presentation of the Haiku analysis.


My first post XD!

"A day of rain;
Somebody passes my gate
With irises."

雨の日や 門さげて行く 杜若  信徳/shintoku

It's my very favorite Japanese Haiku. It kinda describes our lives. How we think that our blue days are endless. And that we'll never get over them. But, Allah sends us those great people, who give us a helping hand, get us outta our troubles, and draw a big smile on our faces.
They come into our lives, change it, and color it into a beautiful happiness.
I dedicate this blog to all those great people who stood by me when I needed a help the most.
And I'm more grateful to Allah for blessing me with those people.