Around a year ago, I was having one "those" days... We all know that we all have one of those days from time to time... But that was hard for me... I was totally locked with stupid chains! I wasn't really able to move on and get over that hard phase...I've never been like this in my entire life!

El 7amdellah despite of everythin, but am a happy person in general. Even when I go through those kinda hard times, I try to keep the good mood. Ya3ni am not a "drama queen" or something! But that phase wasn't easy... I reached a point were I felt that I was stucked where I was! And I lost that feelin' of bein "Happy"..! But now El 7amdellah, comparing how bad those days were with today, makes me content!

It's a bless el 7amdellah!
I'm grateful for Allah... He sent me those "Beautiful People"!
They're always ready to lend me a shoulder 2 cry on or a listening ear..

They're exactly like my favoriteHaiku..

"A day of rain;
Somebody passes my gate
With irises."

雨の日や 門さげて行く 杜若  信徳/shintoku


Missin' TURKEY!!!

Summer 2008! The best vacation ever!!! ='(
I wanna relive those dayz!!!!!