Blah! =p

Why don't we all just treat each other in a nice way?!
Sometimes you wonder why they are treatin' you in this i-don't-know-what-to-call-it way, and start givin' them excuses enno maybe they're busy, not in the mood, etc..
They try keenly to make you feel bad !
bas la2! zawwadooha ya3ni !! Some people are just ill-hearted i guess! or maybe they don't feel good knowin' that you're better than them! or maybe they're jealous that you're loved by people and they're not! LOL! =p
Since I have to deal with them, I'm gonna keep treatin' them nicely and in the best way also..
and it's up to them to treat me in the way they want.. am not gonna be like them..
and u know what? it's their loss!! they are sick minded, ill-hearted, and they don't know how to enjoy their lives XD!
Ray7o 7alkom ya jama3a, 'nd get a life XD!
Beh aslan =p