I dunno how to express the way I feel..
I guess..
that I'm..
pretty sure..
fallin in love with..
"The Holy Month of Ramadan"..

Ramadan has a beautiful halo.. Shining spiritually upon little hearts, filling them with everything they need, to realize how amazing our greatest Islam is <3

I've never really felt like this before. I mean, where have I been all those years? I've wasted so many years unaware of the true value of Ramadan..

Ramadan.. the "Golden Opportunity".. a true "Gift" from Allah -The most gracious-.

It's been said that you can "Change Almost Anything in twenty-one Days....". So what if they're not just 21 days, but a month to surly make you change all the bad habits, bad temper,..etc. And also to get even closer to Allah and truly fulfill our Islamic obligations.

I'm so gonna miss Ramadan.. Especially the Taraweeh prayers at Aysha mosque.

Allah yTHabbetna ba3ed Ramadan [Amen].