The 12th Japanese Speech Contest ^-^

7th.March.2009! What a marvelous day!
Literally it was a day to Remember!

I participated in the Haiku (a short Japanese poem) section. Being a part of this Japanese Contest was an amazing experience! Choosing the Haiku, understand it, analyize it, and presenting the chosen Haiku in Japanese, Arabic and English.

I was a bit stressed, but when I stood there, fully prepared, infront of all those audiences, was just amazing! Right after that I was pretty sure that I'm gonna win! Because I know that I worked real hard in this contest. AndI felt that I DO deserve to win! When they started calling the winners names, I was just waiting for my name. The secong place winner "Fouz Habjouqa San"!!!! Was like "WOOOOW"!!

In the end, a heartfelt thank you to both, Tymoor Hamdokh sensei and Kikuchi Sensei, my Japanese teachers, who helped along the way in the contest.


  1. Omedetou gozaimasu Fouz san!
    You did great!
    I liked all haiku's presentations this year and i think i will participate in haiku session next year. :)
    By the way, I'm Hasna. I was the MC in the contest.

  2. Arigatou gozaimasu Hasna san! ^_^
    I really enjoyed this Haiku thingy!
    Maybe we'll both participate in it next year :D