This picture describes when you face something in your life, that kinda makes you happy and sad at the same time.. it describes how when you were just a lil kid swingin' on the play ground, all you wanned to happen is grownin' up.. and when it hits you that you're an adult, and you're a grown up, you just don't really realize when happened.. because there's still that lil kid inside you.. you're still that lil child, but with more responsibilities and bigger problems..

Sometimes you really wanna go back.. because you just miss that kid..
When you used to have dreams.. when you used to trust people and know nothing while believing that everything is possible.. when things weren't mixed up.. when you used to sleep without lying in bed for hours thinkin' about everything.. about an unknown future or a chain pulling you back to the past..
When there were things that you used to say that "I will wait FOR ..." become things that "I Will FORget about ..."..


  1. moving post
    it made me cry :'(
    i miss being a child, or better said, i miss being treated as child :d

  2. Glad that you liked it ^_^
    it made me cry too..
    You suddenly realize how time passes by very quickly..
    You're so much right! especially that part! "being treated as child"..

  3. I <3 this post- it made me cry too :)
    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog- It's my favorite blog of all time, and that it's filled with really lovely and inspiring things. tnx so much XD

  4. Thank u ^_^
    I;m flattered *^^* !
    I like ur blog too! Colorful n full of life =]