iHate (III)

Since this is my blog n it's my personal space I can say whatever I want =p

The other day I was talkin' with a friend of mine about facebook.. He said that, "facebook explores a lot about personality", I agree with that. But it's really a doubled-edged sword.
I love that Facebook connects people.. u know, stayin' in touch with my family n friends, n those who live abroad. Forget the fact that's it's way too addictive, even when I have nothing to do on Facebook, I keep on refreshing my homepage!

What I really hate is that some people are really silly!!
I know that people who know me would LOL if they heard me sayin' that, because I do silly n funny stuff all the time.. but what I meant about "silliness" is those people who distort Love.. Ya3ni those feelings are supposed to be sacred, not to be published in the home page! I mean what's the point of expressing ur feelings to ur"BF\GF" in front of everyone? r u "showing off" or what?! =p

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against love! =p but as I said, "Love is sacred"!

Another thin' iHate about some people on FB.. is that they just love criticizing.. and the problem is that they criticize others for stuff they do too!!

ah! I almost forgot! iHate it when some stupid people add me n ask me who I am! O.o

Khalas enough with the "iHate".. so long! xD

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