Dear blogger!

Oh boy! I missed my blog!!

1. I have been extremely busy.
2. I have been extremely busy.
3. I have been extremely busy.
101. I have been extremely busy.

Ramadan has finally arrived! I can't believe that a year has passed already!!
Loads of stuff has changed.. *Al-7amdulellah* =] The holy month is the first month in MY calender.. it's the sun that lights my year and soul..
People celebrate new years, and set their "New Year's Resolutions"..
While I celebrate "Ramadan", and set my own "Ramadan's Resolution" =]

My grandmother, grandfather and my beloved uncle passed away last year.. I'm not over it yet.. but I'm sure they're in a better place *Insha'Allah*.. I dreamed the 3 of them.. each dream was somehow a sign that they're doing great =')

3enna new member in the familia, My cutest nephew "Baby Owais" =]

I got a job! yaaay! =p an English teacher in Stepping Stone Pre-school =]

I got engaged! *hush hush*! now I have two families! yaaaay! ^^

I'm a Kick-boxer now!! =D I started taking kickboxing classes which is simply.. AWESOME!!
My couch calls me "Al Motawa7esheh" xD (p.s: that's a compliment xD)

Yesterday I went to 3a2esha Mosque =') It felt great to perform al Taraweeh prayers there. I really missed Ramadan, n missed the mosque <3

so long!

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