Whatever (III)

Hmmm.. Well.. Lets see..

I guess this is gonna be a 5abayes post..
Which is one of the 5abayes that keep spinning in my mind every once in a while.. So, u don't have to read this post..

Grrr! Homer Simpson! U worry about nth but Moe's 'nd that bottle of beer =p
lol! anyways..

I sometimes, or, most of the time, wonder about those unanswered questions.. Like, Why did that happen? what would've happen if bla bla bla? or, what if bla bla? u know what I mean.. or maybe you don't know.. but I know! beh!

No seriously..
When you face a problem, any kinda problem.. or you're goin' through an experience, whatever that experience is.. You may wonder why did X do sucha thin'?! or what would've happen if Y did that? why did that happen in 1st place!
All those questions make you confuse..

Then, the next step you start analyzing everythin', by repeatin' the same exact questions over, nd over, 'nd over 'nd over again! and givin' all those possible 'nd impossible answers!

Then, which is the worst part, you start believin' and convincing yourself that those are the right answers for those questions! A clash among the three parties is inevitable! Btw, the three parties are: Questions, answers, and reality.

Well, I told you people that you don't have to read this, but you insisted, so.. it's up to u XD!

And now, tera rera raa! What if, you face two similar things at the same time?! Ya3ni, two packages of unanswered questions at the same time.. aha I'll tell you! there is bound to be a new 'nd a more confusable 'nd inevitable clash! teraaa! Whatta a stupid head-spinning dilemma!

Or, instead of all this trash.. you can hit the pillow 'nd don't give a damn about nth =p

Yallah, go have fun!

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