iHate (I)

iHate it when life forces us to miss those we love the most!
iHate it when I can't be with the ones I love in their time of happiness 'nd sorrow..!
iHate it when I must ignore my feelings!

I Miss My sister! AndI really truly miss my beloved cutest lil nephew (Tabba) and niece (MonMon)! Although that those lil monkeys used to drive me mad! But I Love them ♥! He's around 9 , and she's about 2 years old! they moved to KSA a couple months ago! And I miss them so BAD!! She walks and talks now *Mashallah* ='( I really miss hugging MonMon! And I miss fighting with Tabba ='(

And I miss my best friend and brother Mohammad ='(
He's working in Bahrain.. And I miss seeing him everyday, talk to him and just spend sometime with him ='( !
I miss when he used to make me laugh untill my stomach hurts!
I miss the days he used to teach my Japanese and maths!
I miss when he used to cheer me up when I'm feeling blue..!
I miss his sweet caring way of making sure that I'm fine..
I miss our childhood memories.. when used to run and care about nothing but playing and watching cartoon!

Anyways.. I'm about to burst into tears.. lol..
So.. Hmm..
May Allah bless them and Y5alleely yahom ♥

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