iHate (II)

iHate you Umniah..
iHate you Zain..

iHate waking up in the middle of my dream!
iHate even more when I wake up in the middle of an AWESOME dream!
iHate it when YOU stupid UMNIAH send me a stupid sms and wake me up during my dreams!
iHate it to wake up when the BEST part is about to happen!
iHate to realize that my dream wasn't real "( !!

Today I was dreamin'.. and it was AMAZING!!!
and I woke up.. because of you Umniah :@ :@ :@ !!!


  1. XD
    hahaha, really funny!

    i thought you were preparing an advertisement for orange :P

    i hate "useless" sms too, and i do really hate waking up from nice dreams :@

  2. Hahaha! ana b 5a6ean Umniah o Zain o mo 5alsah, fa bala menno el Orange =p

    I was totally PISSED OFF :@ !!!
    and yeah exactly! They're way too "useless" !!

    I wish law I could go back to sleep and pick up where I left off! Grrrr :@

  3. ha ha ha :) couldn't help but laugh when I read this.
    mmm, here is what I do:
    A) silent mode/ switch off is a big help
    B) please send me the ad and I will dig it up and eliminate it - seriously i will be glad to help

  4. Hehehe =P
    Yeah, I guess from now on I'm gonna switch it off =S
    Le2anno mo wade3 heak :@
    Ya3ni those telecommunication companies send msgs at inappropriate time =S

    Can't recall the ad, because I was way too *&!#$%#@%$!^%&!(Excuse my french =p)

    Thanks Nart ^_^